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The Department of Labor Law Consulting of Human Resources was created with the purpose of giving extra support to the Department of Human Resources in different areas of specialization, in this way any legal process required by the company will be speed up

in order to fulfill deadlines.  We have legal specialists in different areas of specialization with more than nine years of expertise in the labor law branch in order to provide the service that you and your company deserve. Next, we will mention all the professional services offered to provide the necessary support for your company;


  • Extensive knowledge in Administrative and Legal Consulting services and the possible strategies to follow for each process including phone calls, personal attention and proper documents preparation (in writing submission) according to the necessities of the company.
  • Assistance in preparing documents which should be collected and kept in the company’s records according to the Ley Federal del Trabajo (The Federal Labor Law of Mexico) 
  • Preparation of individual agreements for the union and private personnel.
  • Preparation of civil agreements required by the company. Assistance regarding training, sanitation and safety matters within the company.

·         Assistance regarding elaboration, formulation and registration of different projects and training programs.

  • Assistance during integration, process and registration of Safety and Sanitation   Mixed Committee.
  • Providing attention to any legal citation issued by an authority.
  • Legal papers preparation for legal authorities as well as civilians, whenever is required by the company.
  • Participation and elaboration of administrative documents within the company, with the purpose of justifying immediate termination of an employment contract.
  • Assistance and preparation of an employment termination notice (by written form) through a labor authority.
  • Assistance according to the common employment procedures regarding labor disputes against the company.
  • Elaboration and confirmation of the employment termination agreement in the presence of the legal authorities.
  • Providing attention to any legal citation in the presence of a labor law commission and complaining against unfair fees and punishments.   
  • Providing attention to strikes procedures.
  • Assistance during collective agreement annual reviews. Assistance during illegal strikes.
  • Assistance regarding clarifications and complaints related to social security matters.
  • Formulation and Amparo procedures related to labor, fiscal matters as well as fiscal issues related to social security matters.
  • Consulting and processing several working permits to foreign workers according to the Immigration Law in Mexico (Secretaría de Gobernación).
  • Lic. Jacinto Flores Peña is in charge of the Notary Services at the Notary Public Services #115 of the State.
  • Convenient and new information related to the most important and useful topics according to the company’s interests.  



Contact us at human-resources@human-resources.com.mx