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The Department of Training and Development in Human Resources was created with the purpose of satisfying all training needs in different areas within the company.

This department provides customer services for the companies who request or have personnel for temporal jobs hired by Human Resources, but it also offers training services for the companies with permanent personnel.

The services offered by the Department of Training and Development are the following:

  • Consulting
  • Detection of training needs
  • Legal Management in Training Processes
  • Courses Planning 
  • Training at all levels

We know that each company has particular training necessities, in consequence a specific solution according to the company background and personality will be the most effective. Our business provides accurate and precise solutions.

None of our products are 100% finished. Through a side-by-side contact with our customers we are searching for a complete solution of the main problem. Going farther than simple information sessions and achieving in this way a visible short term impact at all different areas. Each one of our collaborators has a long field knowledge, which assures us an important development experience in their respective training areas. None of our consultants work individually; all of us belong to high performance teams; with this, the success of each project is guaranteed.

Going beyond in training is to integrate within behavior the received instruction.......

Contact us at human-resources@human-resources.com.mx