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Inside the industry we have found an indispensable necessity of focusing on the personnel recruitment and selection process in different company departments. At the present time HUMAN RESOURCES is focused on the human resource importance, for this reason the Department of Personnel Recruitment and Selection is at the disposal of our clients. You will find an outstanding group of professionals with more than 9 years of expertise in this field.

In HUMAN RESOURCES you could hire the personnel you need according to different fields: Management, Administrative, Technical and Assistance tasks. In order to offer a better service all the candidates are interviewed, pre-selected, evaluated and investigated according to the company policies and position profile specifications.

Our services count with:

  • A sixty-day guarantee in writing form on all hiring procedures, this gives you the right for a substitute in the case of (a) employment abandonment or if the company decides that the candidate is not adequate to fill the position. Human Resources will provide a replacement without extra charge.
  • Employment references and Social-Ecomical Research, which should be provided to the company for the last two candidates prior to any job offer (only upon request).
  • Promptness in service process.
  • Our Responsibility and Reliable Condition support us in order to provide a quality service for your company and yourself.
  • Free service for the candidate.
  • No extra charge will be added for sending candidates to the company. These will be applicable only if the candidate has been hired or if those candidates recommended by Human Resources are considered as potential employees by the company (after one year of sending this information to the company).  
  • As an additional service requested by the company, Psychometric tests and studies are possible to be taken by the final candidates or before hiring procedure (the cost varies according to the job position and required study).

Ethics in employment recruitment and selection

  • Nunca reclutar de un cliente o un candidato que le hayamos colocado. (no entendํ muy bien este aspecto)
  • Unlike other similar offices, we have a fee collection policy applicable to the company, NEVER to the candidate.
  • We only accept those searching tasks, which are considered as successfully reachable by our company.
  • We guarantee the replacement of any candidate according to the required position.  
  • All the information provided by the company and by the candidates will be handle as strictly confidential.

In HUMAN RESOURCES we want to help in your searching of qualified and trained personnel according to the company needs.

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