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Employment Verification

The department of employment verification in Human Resources was created with the purpose of providing accurate and reliable information about prior employment background of the candidates to be considered for the position.

Human Resources offers this useful tool to reduce the risk of continuous change of personnel planning to be hired as well as the already working personnel.

An employment verification follows a strict procedure to have a complete view of the candidate working record, some of the most important aspects in this service are the following:

  • Conciliation and Arbitration Board Research
    Criminal Records Verification
  • Hidden Jobs Verification
  • Personal References Research
  • Employment References Research
    a) Verification about the information of prior Jobs
    b) Prior jobs references (Superior)
    c) References of the Human Resources Department

The complete information obtained during the employment verification will be handle as strictly confidential and this will be provided to the company just in the case of a prior petition.

Qualified professionals ready to offer you an excellent service accomplish all the employment verifications.

In this way you will get reliable and convenient information that allow you to reduce any risk at the moment of hiring personnel.

Human Resources are able to modify the employment verification report according to the company’s hiring policies and request.

Taking into consideration the continuity of our services, we are able to offer you a searching package according to your needs, maintaining an established time for the fixed costs and accomplishing a greater economical benefit to your company as well. 

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