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The Department of Psychometric Tests of Human Resources was created with the purpose of giving extra support to each company in the matters of Recruitment and Personnel Selection Processes. 

At the present time, all the companies are focused on the human resource matter considering this as an important basis for a complete development, for this reason we have developed several techniques to find: Top Quality Employees with Intellectual Potential (Mental Power), Emotional intelligence, Administrative and Technical Skills   as a source of information to take the right choice.

The structure of the Psychometric Batteries has been integrated in different levels with the purpose of distinguishing every single necessity according to the position within the company.

  • LEVEL I: Senior Executives, Directors, Managers and Supervisors. Our report will provide information about: Mental Power (Intellectual Skills), Leadership, decision-making, personality, expectations and self-development.

  • LEVEL II: Department Managers (chief), Supervisors, Assistant to the Director Office (Intermediate Level). Our report will provide information about: Mental Power (Intellectual skills), Interpersonal Communication Skills between employees and superiors, supervision skills and personality.

  • LEVEL III: Group Leaders, Administrative Assistant, Technicians and Secretaries. Our report will provide information about: Intellectual Skills (Mental Power), Personality, abilities and skills for intermediate responsibilities.

  • LEVEL IV: Security Staff, Drivers, cleaning and maintenance personnel and Operators. Our report will provide information about: Intellectual Skills, abilities and skills as well as personality characteristics for a specific activity.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As mentioned before, the levels could be changed according to the Position Profile of each company; under this circumstance Human Resources will proceed according to the policies and position profile for each company.

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